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Arthritis Specialist

When you make an appointment with Dr. Brown, he will see you personally. Your appointment will be with Dr. Brown and not by a physicians’s assistant. Your follow-up will be handled by Dr. Brown as well. Dr. Brown strongly believes in the traditional Doctor/Patient relationship.

Arthritis Specialist

Arthritis causes painful inflammation and joint stiffness in over 40 million Americans- men, women, children and adults. The best treatments are prevention and early diagnosis. Chattanooga Center for Joint Replacement and Orthopedics offers both of these as well as treatment to stabilize age old arthritis. If you are feeling suspicious arthritic pain, come see us right away because early diagnosis can result in less damage and pain. Chattanooga Center for Joint Replacement and Orthopedics recommends an active and healthy lifestyle to prevent arthritic joint disease.

Dr. Brown can also prescribe internal medication to help rid the body of arthritic pain. After seeking Dr. Brown’s expertise, you’ll understand the best treatments for healing arthritic pains. It’s time to get back to enjoying life and doing the things you love. Dr. Thomas W. Brown III M.D. is here to help. He is a true leader in arthritis treatment and prevention for athletes and the extended Chattanooga community.

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