Why Choose Chattanooga Center for Joint Replacement and Orthopedics

About Us

When you make an appointment with Dr. Brown, he will see you personally. Your appointment will be with Dr. Brown and not by a physicians’s assistant. Your follow-up will be handled by Dr. Brown as well. Dr. Brown strongly believes in the traditional Doctor/Patient relationship.

Surgical Procedures

Depending on your condition or injury, Dr. Brown may recommend any one of a number of surgical procedures, including knee and shoulder arthroscopy, total joint replacement, partial joint replacement and/or physical therapy. Your needs will be diagnosed with personal care.

Arthroscopy allows a minimally invasive approach to reconstruct torn ligaments and to repair cartilage damage. Arthroplasty is the term used for a partial or total joint replacement procedure.

At Our Office

Dr. Brown’s dream was to build an office suited to orthopedic patient care and his needs. This office is located at 2707 Citico Avenue, very near to Memorial and Parkridge Hospitals. Ease of appointment is important to him. On your visit, an ample waiting room allows you to relax in comfort and the staff will be attentive to your needs.

Examination rooms and all technology is tailor made to maximize your visit. Benchmark Physical Therapy is located on the ground floor of our building to make your recovery efforts as accessible and effective as possible. The latest x-ray technology is utilized as well.

Our focus is on excellent surgical results, a superior patient experience and optimal recovery times. Our priority is returning you to your active life as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Your care is our privilege.